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Welcome to the green healing of Avalon

Learn to recognise, cultivate and prepare common herbs for everyday home use from a professional herbalist and healer


Discover the botanical and medicinal nature of key herbs giving you the knowledge to choose effective and safe medicine


Comprehend herbal affinities and how they align with both the human body and people as unique individuals


Another extremely interesting, enjoyable and informative day - you managed to pack so much in for my brain to chew over

KC clinical student

It was so valuable spending time with a real herbalist. I'm in awe of your depth of knowledge


Every time I taste and smell my tincture, as well as absorbing the green medicine of the land I'm taken back to your dispensary and it feels magical

Mary Bruce at

Mary Bruce

BSc. Hons. Herbal Medicine MNIMH

Hello. I am excited to share my passion, experience and knowledge of herbalism as an evolving experience that honours the herbs, traditions, science and our intuition as healers working with the living green medicine of the Earth.