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Discover how, why and when to use respiratory herbs as a home herbalist

Explore - Understand - Relate

Become confident in the safe and effective use of common herbs

for mild and self limiting respiratory complaints

Hello, I'm Mary

As a Medical Herbalist I see many of people with a variety of respiratory illnesses. I also know that minor and self limiting complaints can be addressed effectively at home with the right herbs.

I am passionate that this wisdom is shared.

This course explains why and how to use some easily available and common respiratory herbs.

If you are unsure or taking prescription medicines please consult a qualified practitioner.

Mary Bruce BSc.Hons. Herbal Medicine MNIMH

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Respiratory herbs and how to use them

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Explanations of the respiratory system

suitable herbs and

how to use them for mild self limiting


Downloadable summary of herbal

presences, actions and doses

Downloadable worksheet


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Respiratory herbs and how to use them

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